Spurs Foundation

Visited Spurs Foundation yesterday with Lib Dem colleagues: councillors Robert Gorrie, David Winskill and Rachel Alison, plus David Schmitz who is our prospective parliamentary candidate for Tottenham.

We were looking at the work the foundation is doing in terms of encouraging learning, sports opportunities for children with disabilities, and generally discussing how and what needed doing in terms of integration between the west and east of Haringey.

Spurs have moved a long, long way since the days when they were totally resistant to putting back anything into the local community and over the last several years have come on in leaps and bounds with 65 projects now running in Haringey and Enfield (and a couple in Waltham Forrest).

So – nice to establish closer relationship between Spurs and the Lib Dem council group so that we can work together to ensure that Spurs doesn’t only hear Labour voices in future.

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  1. The Tottenham Football Club has an exceptionally long standing reputation for championing local causes, particularly causes benefiting young people and disabled people locally. One such example would clearly be its involvement with Haringey Citizens Advice Bureau. Last year, the charity unveiled a service for young people, primarily to encourage young people to benefit from Citizens Advice a service, which was, surprisingly, unveiled by Jermaine Jenas, the Tottenham star. The event was organised by the charity’s hardworking Chief Executive, Markos Chrysostomou, whose unflinching commitment to providing a service for all the communities of Haringey, should receive greater local recognition. More generally, the role Tottenham Football Club has played in the local community has been truly instrumental in encouraging young people to participate in a wide range of sporting activities, and providing sporting role models locally. I am not a Tottenham supporter, but firmly acknowledge the role this club has played in improving our community.