Fighting 42 days online

I’ve always felt that we bloggers have a little bit of viral campaigning power – but to date – have not really used what we have. There are some honorable and fantastic exceptions – Dan Hardie‘s Iraqi interpreters campaign comes immediately to mind – but not enough.

So – yesterday I invited Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy and a couple of others to meet and discuss what we bloggers who oppose Labour’s plans for 42 days detention without trial could do to stop this hideous legislation. Sunny in turn suggested some other people, and meet together we did.

As I said, we need to stop this legislation – and for that there are three main targets: the Lords, those Labour MPs in the Commons who were reluctant converts to the Government’s line or are wavering, and the wider public – to undermine the faux argument that the public supports 42 days.

On the last – we know that the poll that Gordon Brown prays in aid of put the question pejoratively. Supposing you were asked if 42 days detention without charge was too long a time to hold terrorists without charge. Most would say – of course not. But if you said is 42 days detention without charge too long to hold innocent people – you might get a very different answer!

Sunny is going to lead the charge – as I pointed out best not to have a politician leading as it then stops like-minded people from other parties joining whole-heartedly. This campaign is for anyone from anywhere who wants to fight against the 42 days! He’s written more about it over on Liberal Conspiracy.

0 thoughts on “Fighting 42 days online

  1. 42 days seems like a walk in the park compared to what our president is doing to detainees. However, the way I see it, a single day behind bars for an innocent is one day too many. Each and every accused person should have a right to be represented in court – quickly!