One councillor down

One of our councillors, Ali Demirci, has gone over to Labour. It’s only two years since Ali was elected on the Liberal Democrat ticket. Was his belief in fairness, equality and community so transitory? Or have Labour’s overtures and love-bombing simply turned his head? With his family links to Labour – perhaps he just took the easy road. Anyway – it will make the political contest in Bounds Green (which already had both Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors) all the more interesting!

0 thoughts on “One councillor down

  1. Oh well – I’m confident we will stuff Labour in Haringey in 2010, so I hope for his sake they give him a much safer seat 😉

  2. Lynne, You may have some good characteristics about being a good MP, but you are failing to keep your party together. This is the second major defection from the Haringey Lib Dems to the Labour Party. And, additionally, another activist left you for the Tories. Why is everyone leaving?And for the record, regarding Mr Demirci’s credentials as a Labour councillor, perhaps he could enlighten his new colleagues & his constituents in regards to his slanderous comments about Labour during the previous local election? It is slightly disingenuous of Cllr Demirci not to be honest about his views about Labour, particularly with his comments opposing most of Labour’s policies. This is exactly what he said when attempting to convince me to vote his party [Liberal Democrats] during the last local elections. How he managed to jump the boat and change his opposition to all the policies of Labour is beyond me. It is time Mr Demirci told his constituents and his new Labour colleagues about his opposition to the war in Iraq, his opposition to various Labour policies, and his opposition to the socialist ideology of Labour. From what I can recall, these are the issues I discussed with him during the last local election at my front door for a healthy twenty minutes. I will await his appearance at my front door at the next local election, so he can slander the Lib Dems and tell me why they are so bad.

  3. Oh dear- what is going on? Haringey Labour are so terribly unpopular and this Council’s record is just devastatingly bad. Yet, year on year we still see defections to their ranks; Cllr Catherine Harris, now Cllr Ali Demirci- who next? Good lord, they are dropping like flies…! This is a very bad start to Cllr Robert Gorrie’s rule. Perhaps, there are wider questions. Maybe all the local parties, need to question how they operate and how they respond to the needs and concerns of local people. Is the Lib Dem group representative of the borough it seeks to represent? Has Haringey Labour run out of steam? Its certainly an interesting time in Haringey politics. Shame the Tories and Greens arent there to take part. Lynne come back to the Council! Please return to the Council chamber, send that shiver down Labour’s spine and use your amazingly successful talents and lead our borough , into the future and beyond! WE NEED YOU!Bernard Jobes N10

  4. Well done to Ali, I think he has made the right choice, Lib Dem’s are running out of steam and out of ideas, and all they do is protest, protest protest, protest, protest. I mean I receive at least 2-3 Lib Dem focuses every month (maybe this will dwindle as Ali has gone now) and it’s all a bit of pie and Mash 😉 hardly did I ever see anything solid and interesting, what is more amusing is that these focuses hardly mentioned anything about Bounds Green rather they were about Muswell Hill, Highgate, Lynne etc.I remember when Ali was campaigning and he came to my door we had a chat about the Iraq war Bounds Green, Environment, Lib Dem policies etc and he was staunchly against the Iraq war and I don’t believe that he has changed his mind on this.And mash if I remember right you use to be Lib Dem now turned Tory, what happened did you become disillusioned with Lib Dem policies as well, or that you are not wanted in any party and the only people to accept you are the lousy (No seat in Haringey) Tories.Im sure when Mr Demirci came to your door you done most of the talking as you like the sound of your own voice like all those Tories.And Lynne as a Green Party supporter I was one of those people who voted for Ali, not because he was a Lib Dem candidate, but for his feelings about Bounds Green. Vote Green:-)

  5. Hi Joanne,You contribution contains inaccuracies about my involvement in local politics. I want to address some of these below. a) I did join the Liberal Democrats, you are absolutely correct. However, on nearly every single issue, relevant to every day life of local people, they were not very eager to address nor were the local Lib Dem activist. They were a party that seemed to jump on the bandwagon, rather than suggesting anything positive about improving our community. The Iraq issue was an important issue, of course, but I did not judge on that basis. I judged on the basis of what these parties did on the ground locally, words is not enough for me.The Conservatives were an alternative. It goes to show, when you have principles, you will join the party that makes you feel comfortable, regardless if they have no seats or every seat in the local council. We are the only party with people that have principles, real principles, including the recent case of David Davis. How many Labour or Lib Dems resigned in opposition to the anti-terrorism laws… apart from a Tory? Well we know the Green will probably have to wait a good 50 years till they even get their foot in the door of Parliament. (b) You do not know me, and therefore I’ll ignore your other comment about my voice.(c)The Conservative party is growing and is will make up the next government. It is only a matter of time.