Haringey Council splashes out on 40 inch plasma TV

The Liberal Democrats have revealed that Haringey council has splashed out in the region of £700 in order to install a new 40 inch plasma TV screen in council offices at River Park House, Wood Green.

Liberal Democrat councillors have questioned the use of public funds being spent on such an item, when hard-pressed residents are struggling with the rising cost of living, including some of the highest Council Tax rates in London.

Cllr David Winskill, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Culture, Leisure and Lifelong Learning said:

“A plasma screen may be an excellent way of watching sporting events, such as the upcoming European football championships and Wimbledon, but at a time of belt tightening for Haringey residents I wouldn’t have thought this is the best use of taxpayers’ money. About three years ago Haringey received a barrage of criticism when a massive TV was installed in the Leader’s office – do they never learn?”

Cllr Robert Gorrie, Liberal Democrat group leader and Resources spokesperson, adds:

“Installing a plasma TV in this area seems to me to be a staggering example of Labour extravagance and waste. “

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