Nine years in a squalid and infested flat

Lynne Featherstone and Bonnie Tarpey WronskiA mother of two who has been living in a squalid and infested one bedroom flat for nine years as her family has grown, had her dreams of a new home shattered last month by Haringey Council.

Bonnie Tarpey-Wronski, her two young sons, husband and sister, were overjoyed to hear that they had finally been allocated a new home, only to find out minutes later that Haringey Council had made a mistake and withdrawn the offer.

The flat they are currently living in has been deemed unfit to live in by Haringey Council, yet nine years on the family are continuing to live, eat and play in two overcrowded rooms, which are currently also suffering from a serious larvae infestation.

This young family has been messed around by Haringey Council – enough is enough. After what they have been through, it is sheer torment to be told one minute you have a home only for it to be taken away the next.

Day in, day out, I help lots people who have been let down by Haringey Council, but this takes it to another level. It adds insult to injury after the years of squalid housing they have had to put up with.

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  1. That is absolutely disgraceful! It is dreadful that this family has to suffer in this way, my heart goes out to them. I wish I had the power to give every single person in a similar position to receive their own home. When you hear about such cases, you begin to realise how lucky you are & start appreciating everything that one has in life.

  2. I don’t know how Haringey’s Labour councillors can sleep at night. Here’s looking to 2010.

  3. I agree Justin!!!!!!!!! I second what you say above…. how can Labour councillors sleep, whilst so many families are forced to endure this disgusting treatment……. In fact, I know of a Bangladeshi family, despite living in the UK for over ten years now, they remain in bed & breakfast type housing….. Despite having five or so people in their family, they are forced to live in two rooms.

  4. I’m sorry if I don’t get the point, but why is this Haringey’s problem at all? Surely it is up to the parents to provide for the family. If they can’t, then why did they not wait to have a family until they could?

  5. Hello leader of Haringey council or labour councillor, the unspecified “Random”. The simple point is, this family, irrespective of their social background, are residents in this borough & therefore are entitled to a council property. It is a simple equation. No wonder there is such a housing shortage & crisis in Haringey, purely due to the lack of basic grasp of equations that Haringey Labour Group still have not been able to understand. I simple should I make it; W for WE, N for Need, M more, S for social, H for Houses. I hope the Labour Group have at least understood that. If the above mentioned woman knew beforehand that, the council would put her in such an environment, perhaps should would have not had kids. But the council, as the articled suggested, did assure her of a new home for her family nine years ago. But this Labour government is more interested in destroying the very fabric of society by breaking families, due to the economic situation they are forcibly put into it. Perhaps you should invite your friend Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi to assist you with your housing policy, as Ken love his company! If you can’t see the damage Labour has done to our society, you must be a very strange person. My niece is only 5 & she even accepts this government is more interested in cash for honours than her future as a citizen of this country. She has only grasped that at five.