The flaw in Labour's aviation policy

Lynne Featherstone and local members of Friends of the EarthJoined Friends of the Earth in Muswell Hill earlier today to point out to the Government their muddle over their aviation policy.

How can they say that climate change is the biggest threat to mankind, ask us all to do our bit – and then say (as Ruth Kelly did in Parliament last week), ‘but we have to have a third runway at Heathrow’?

This sort of predict and provide approach on air travel will never deliver the sort of environmental policy we need. It’s time the Government stopped being two-faced and put its aviation policy where its environmental mouth is! (More photos here)

0 thoughts on “The flaw in Labour's aviation policy

  1. Taking many UK short haul flights out of Heathrow could cut back the need to expand it, as has been repeatedly illustrated. Its role as a hub for flights between other European destinations and long haul destinations could continue. Personally, on the few occasions when I do travel abroad and sometimes also for UK destinations, I try to use my local regional airport, which is attracting more and more airlines – but flights to some destinations (e.g. Brussels) are still ludicrously expensive, and going to London to use Eurostar means an extra overnight stay.