PMQs: Parliament shows how out of date it is – again

Well, well – so Vince Cable tried to ask a question at Prime Minister’s Questions today – and it was ruled out of order. His heinous offence? Mentioning the Queen in his question:

It is reported that Her Majesty the Queen cancelled her Diamond wedding party because it would be ‘inappropriate’ to indulge in extravagance when the country faces recession and economic gloom. Is this another good example of Her Majesty’s unerring instinct for the national mood; or does the Government think she is simply overreacting?

Well excuse me – but what sort of out of date organisation is it that has this sort of ban? So much for being a modern democracy!

0 thoughts on “PMQs: Parliament shows how out of date it is – again

  1. Speaker is supposed to be above the parties, but as he doesn’t seem to be, the Lib Dems should consider running a candidate against him in the next GE.