Debt, unemployment and violence: top fears of young people

CSV (Community Service Volunteers) have a really interesting study published today – the Youth Future Fears UK study. As they say:

Young people aged 16 – 25 across Britain were asked to rank their biggest fears for the future … The survey reveals:
• Nearly half (48%) see debt as one of their biggest future fears
• 40% are worried about unemployment
• Violent crime is a top concern for 38% of young people
• One in three (30%) are fearful for the challenge presented by global warming
• One in five (20%) are worried about increasing drug use whilst 17% fear an increase in racial tension
• 12% fear obesity, while binge drinking is a concern for 9% of Britain’s youth
• 9% are worried about an increase in sexually transmitted infections…

Regional variations include:
• Violent crime is the top concern in London for 37% of young people while debt is only a concern for 22% of those in the capital

My views? As I’ve said in a quote for the media:

No-one is saying that young people should live in a bubble, but we should be seriously concerned when they’re saddled with worries over debt, jobs and being beaten up.

This Government has been more interested in eye-catching headlines on ‘binge drinking hoodies’ than in creating real opportunities for young people.

We need to encourage more projects to harness the tremendous potential that young people have to offer our communities.

0 thoughts on “Debt, unemployment and violence: top fears of young people

  1. I agree with you Lynne. You rightly say, under Labour, we have observed the same “binge drinking young people”, this government’s decision to get rid of Connexions & incorporate this into local council. Think about it Lynne, which young person do you know that will want to access youth services in a non-young person friendly environment, such as a council building? I don’t know any…..Haringey has lost its only real alternative to statutory youth provision, the Connexions North London services. Its Personal Advisors are now council employees, whilst the organisation has closed down nationally losing its autonomy!!!!!!!! That is why nobody should vote Ken for Mayor of London, he obviously hates young people & prefers the company of Sheikh Qaradawi! 🙂