Liberal Democrat anger at "Free leisure facilities" claim

Haringey Liberal Democrats have reacted with anger and disbelief at claims made in a newspaper edited and published by Cllr Basu, the Labour Cabinet member for Leisure and Culture, regarding the new leisure centre pricing structure which is launched today.

In the Holloway based “New World” newspaper, Cllr Basu triumphantly claims that pensioners will have “free weekday day time (sic) use of council run leisure centres”. This follows a shambolic reversal of a Cabinet decision taken in January to abolish free universal passes for older people in Haringey.

The article says that, “The decision follows consultation with older people on the pricing policy,” and goes on to quote Cllr Basu as saying, “We said we would consult. We have done so, and we have taken those views into account.”

The piece appears on the front page of the current issue alongside a picture of a grinning Haringey Council Leader George Meehan.

Cllr David Winskill, Lib Dem Culture and Leisure, spokesperson comments:

“It is quite breathtaking that Orwellian ‘double think’ like this still goes on in Labour circles. I have spoken to a wide range of elders who regularly use leisure centres and they feel totally excluded from any so-called ‘consultation’. Labour have made a complete mess of this and should not be bragging about what they’ve done.”

Cllr Richard Wilson, Lib Dem deputy leader adds:

“Once again Haringey Labour have demonstrated not just how out of touch they are, but also their belief that if they keep saying the same thing often enough people will believe them. The people of Haringey want honesty not slogans.”