It's not only the guilty who get arrested

Did a piece for BBC London News on Kevin Reynolds – a constituent who was arrested as a suspect in the Sally Anne Bowman case. Kevin had a dreadful 36 + hours before the police eliminated him from their enquiries. But they took his DNA and somewhere in cyber-record, despite his innocence, his name is linked with a murder enquiry as a suspect.

One really dreadful aspect of his ordeal, however, is that the police – had they been doing their job properly – could have eliminated him in five minutes. They already had his DNA on the much vaunted DNA database – but guess what – the police didn’t even check against their existing database! Held up as the answer to life is DNA in detection and corroboration of crime – but they didn’t even look. They just took another sample which they then used to eliminate him.

So next time the police argue for having the whole nation on the DNA database – let’s point out to them that firstly a tool is only any good if you bother to use it. And perhaps instead of spending zillions tagging innocent people – better to spend the money catching the guilty.

There’s a novel idea!

Then briefed by Thameslink on the works that will affect Hornsey & Wood Green residents as they begin from end of May-ish. The benefits won’t be seen for a while as we are not in ‘key output 1’. But we will feel the knock on from the works in ‘output 1’ as Farringdon, London Bridge et al get the renovation they need and we deserve. Later in ‘output 2’ we may get more direct benefits. We will have to mainly grin and bear any disruption that comes our way – as this long awaited transport improvement finally is delivered.

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