Crouch End parking chaos

Crouch End residentsMy Liberal Democrat councillor colleagues in Crouch End are having a right go at Labour Exec Member Brian Haley over the parking chaos in Crouch End. Cllr Lyn Weber organised a tour with residents for Brian – to try to finally get through to him the parking nightmare which his policies have brought about and which need to be addressed now – not some vague time in the future.

Residents form Claremont Road and Stanhope Gardens as well as several other areas bent his ear – hard – about the really severe problems they are now having as a result of Haringey Council not planning for the knock-on from other CPZs.

The proof of the pudding was on display and Cllr Haley saw vehicles reversing down roads; the difficulties posed by no parking spaces; the distressing story of a young child in pain who had to be carried to a far-off car to get to the Whittington Hospital; road rage; small business being affected by lack of access to houses, and much, much more.

Cllr Haley was short on concrete answers but has assured residents that a consultation will occur in the New Year. Fingers crossed…

Funding is also an issue. Excuses from Haringey Council over funding just won’t wash. If Haringey Labour can find £10 million to cover losses on IT upgrades, surely they can find the small amount of money needed to tackle this misery for residents?