Tradition turns sadistic in Parliament

Lynne Featherstone with Marina LitvinenkoToday was the meeting I had squeezed out of the Foreign Secretary about the death of Alexander Litvinenko (Pollonium 210 radiation poisoning case). This was so that Marina Litvinenko could get an update on efforts to extradite suspect Andrew Lugovoi from Russia to stand trial for killing her husband.

David Miliband had come to the House of Commons to make a statement on the situation previously – including the expulsion of the Russian diplomats – and I had managed to catch Mr Speaker’s eye. Given the opportunity, I asked David M if he would meet with Marina as she had so many questions to ask that were unanswered. So – today was the day.

As it was a private meeting, I won’t go into the details of what took place, other than to say that during the meeting a vote in Parliament was unexpectedly called. So – David M and I ran, jumped into his car and ran again to get to the Chamber to vote.

We were voting opposite ways – and I reached the door from the Chamber to the voting lobby (MPs vote by physically walking through the yes or no lobby) as the shout went up ‘lock the doors’.

The officer of the house actually closed the door on me as I scooted through and really hurt my hand. I understand that you have to have a cut-off point for voting and close the doors – but I would have thought it inappropriate to push it closed with me in it. That is tradition turned sadistic!

Anyway – back we jumped into the car and back to the meeting. Too much excitement for one day.

0 thoughts on “Tradition turns sadistic in Parliament

  1. If you were voting on opposite sides, why on earth couldn’t you have paired each other?

  2. As it was a sudden vote – it wasn’t until I got to Parliament I knew for sure what it was – and hence which way we’d both be voting. Because of the rush there wasn’t the time to stop and find out.