Local MP takes school funding fight to PM

Lynne Featherstone MP has forced the Prime Minister to admit that funding of schools in Haringey needs “continued looking at” following her impassioned plea for a fair funding deal for the borough’s schools at yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Question Time.

The Hornsey & Wood Green MP asked the PM to end the injustice that Haringey schools received on average £736 less per pupil than in inner London, even though local teachers are paid on inner London pay scales.

Gordon Brown conceded Ms. Featherstone’s point and stated that outer London funding would continue to be looked into.

Commenting Lynne Featherstone MP says:

“I am pleased that Gordon Brown has finally acknowledged that there is a problem with our local school funding.However, it does beg the question that if even the Prime Minster knows this is an issue, then why has Labour done nothing to change it?

“The situation is completely unfair for our local school children and our teachers.I certainly won’t be letting the issue drop and so I will now be following up my question with a letter to the Prime Minister seeking a concrete timetable of action.”

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