Liberal Democrats highlight Labour Council's housing failure

Figures unearthed by the Liberal Democrats reveals shocking figures that highlight unacceptable levels of poor housing for residents in Haringey and the failure of Haringey Council to address the situation. Statistics in Haringey Council’s own Housing Needs Assessment shows that the accommodation for one in five of all households in Haringey is considered unsuitable and one in three homes with children is unacceptable.

The figures also reveal that 10,606 households’ ill health is caused by bad housing conditions. Lib Dems have expressed their concern for residents, who face overcrowded, unsuitable, unaffordable housing that is detrimental to their and their children’s health coupled with little prospect of respite due to Haringey Council’s inability to address housing shortfalls.

These appalling figures have been highlighted further by reports from a resident who has been waiting eight years to have repair carried out on her home. Haringey Council has been aware of the leaking roof in a Stroud Green housing block since 1999 but has failed to respond to complaints made. Meanwhile the resident’s home has been ravaged by damp that has caused health problems.

Cllr Catherine Harris, Lib Dem Housing Spokesperson, comments:

“I am horrified but not surprised to learn from this assessment that there are thousands of households like Ms Ebai’s where the health of the tenant is suffering because of the terrible condition of Haringey’s housing or because of severe overcrowding.

“With 5,688 households in temporary accommodation, an annual shortfall of 4,865 affordable homes per year and 8,311 households overcrowded, it is clear Haringey Labour’s handling of housing is a dismal sickening failure.”

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, adds:

“These figures expose the squalid Dickensian condition of much of Haringey’s run-down and overcrowded housing.The people of Haringey deserve better than they are getting, but after 10 years of this Labour Government’s inaction on the housing crisis, conditions in Haringey are only getting worse.

“The Council knows that over a third of its houses are unsuitable for habitation, however week after week, month after month, year after year; residents visit me to highlight their experience of the Council’s failure. The Council need to address this situation and provide the decent homes they have been promising for so long.”