Brian Coleman in trouble again

I blogged before about Conservative GLA member Brian Coleman’s foolish and insulting comments about Haringey.

Although Brian gamely tried to defend his words in a comment on my earlier blog piece, the real sign of what happened is that even Boris Johnson – not exactly a stranger to the blundering insult of an area himself! – thinks our Brian went too far, as one of our local papers reports:

Boris Johnson MP (Conservative), who was campaigning in Wood Green last week as part of his bid to become the Mayor of London, distanced himself from Mr Coleman’s comments.

He said: “Like everywhere it has its problems. There are lots of lovely bits and lots of lovely people here. I think generalisations are not particularly helpful.”

0 thoughts on “Brian Coleman in trouble again

  1. Thought it was quite amusing that the Journal quoted George Meehan – who didn’t even go to the trouble of issuing a press release – rather Neil Williams. Perhaps this is a sign that the local media no-longer take you or your party seriously? As I pointed out to Alison Campsie, it would look hypercritical to condemn Brian Coleman’s comments (which, incidentally local Conservatives do not share) when you failed to condemn your own member, Neville Collins.By the way, the Boris Johnson visit was fantastic. Guess Fiyaz Mughal often goes to Wood Green without anyone batting an eyelid – and he’s a local councillor (-:

  2. Would that be “Top Tottenham Tory slams Conservative GLA member” then?