Tim Garden

Receive the details of the funeral and commemorative services for Lord Tim Garden who died last week. I am really upset over his tragically early death. I am sure members of all parties understand how deeply it affects all of us in a Party when such a loved and respected member dies.

Tim came to my ‘adoption meeting’ at the start of the 2005 General Election campaign. He spoke, as always, with such intelligence and force of reason, informed by his successful military career. He was always such a great support to me personally – and I am sure his presence was a large part of why this really was a ‘packed meeting’.

Having ascended to the Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet, as part of our International Affairs Team, he and I were both at our weekly meetings and Tim’s was always a clear, liberal and persuasive voice – even when Tim’s view meant that I had to rethink my position on one issue or another.

He was just one of the most impressive and wonderful Lib Dems there is – and we are truly bereft by his loss. Sue, his wife, is also a major force for good in the party – and I am sure she and the family are inundated with condolences from all of us – as he was much loved.

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  1. Admiration for Lord Garden certainly crossed party divides. He always spoke with great authority and in a compelling way.That was not just because of his enormous expertise and experience in international and security questions. It was also a function of the courteous way in which he conducted debate. I think his contribution to our national political life will be widely missed.Toby Boutle(Chairman, Hornsey & Wood Green Conservatives)