Liberal Democrats secure fresh road markings for Hornsey Lane

To ease public safety fears, fading road markings on a road running from Crouch End to Highgate will be now part of Haringey Council’s remarking scheme thanks to local Haringey Liberal Democrat pressure.

Hornsey Lane is a busy main road which has various road markings to indicate speed humps, to distinguish lanes, lane dividers, and 20mph speed limits.

Local councillors noticed that these markings were well past their best, many of them worn away or hardly visible, and have requested that for public safety reasons these are remarked. The Council will now include these in their work scheme starting 20th August 2007.

Cllr Lyn Weber (Crouch End), who initially raised the issue, comments:

“This particular road is very busy and it is essential that the painted 20mph warning and the indicators for speed humps, road divisions etc remain visible. Safety is paramount for all users of roads and the pedestrians trying to cross the road. The Council have agreed to commence the reinstatement of the marking at the end of August. I must admit that with it being holiday time I did not expect such a speedy response.It is most welcome.”

Cllr Neil Williams (Highgate) adds:

“Public safety must be of paramount importance. The remarking of white lines ensures that road users and pedestrians alike are safe. Haringey Council must ensure that they have a proactive approach to ensure that the visibility road markings are monitored.”