Penstock Path: concern at missing railings

Liberal Democrat councillors in the London Borough of Haringey are concerned by the mysterious and repeated disappearance of railings on Penstock Path. The railings, installed to stop motorised vehicles using the path, were taken out by Haringey Council 18 months ago to facilitate works to the path but vanished before they could be reinstalled.

Cllr Bob Hare, a keen user of the path, asked Haringey Council to replace them on two separate occasions. On each occasion, Liberal Democrat councillors have returned to the site only for the railings to have been removed by person(s) unknown.

Liberal Democrats have highlighted that the issue has serious implications for pedestrians and cyclists using the path. The staggered railings are intended to prevent vehicles including motorcycles but with the absence of this deterrent this type of vehicle are able to gain access and speed along the path.

Cllr Bob Hare comments:

“While we were taking the photograph, many pedestrians were using what is a popular walking route, and a scooter zoomed past us. Given there are several sharp turns that are blind corners on the path, its use by motorised vehicles must be prevented.

“We are discounting the possibility that there is an extension of the Bermuda Triangle in Hornsey causing these to disappear and will be seeking the best way forward.”

Cllr Robert Gorrie (Hornsey ward) adds:

“Clearly, someone is determined to be able to use this cut-through from Hornsey to Wood Green and is prepared to go to the trouble of pulling out railings before cement has set, and entirely removing them from the location. However, we are determined that local people will be able to use this route without danger from fast vehicles, and councillors will be liaising with the department responsible to determine the best approach to achieving this.”