Camden by-election

Last job of the day is campaigning with Matt Sanders door-knocking in Camden in the by-election. Matt is a great candidate – and so enthusiastic – great to see. We were in a street not far from Camden Market and much of the angst of the street is crime. The (Lib Dem led) Council is paying for night Police Community Support Officers who will come on stream shortly – so that should be part of the answer. This clearly used to be a Labour street – but equally clearly there has been a swing to Liberal Democrats last year in the local elections. So – go Matt!

0 thoughts on “Camden by-election

  1. Actually, Lynne, the Council is jointly run by Conservative and Lib Dem councillors – and you know this is the case! If I were in a ‘King-making’ position, I’d be wary about entering into a coalition with your party. Why? Because when things go well, you take the credit and when things go badly it’s our fault. You really are a rotten lot!

  2. With your track record of wanting to join both Labour and the Liberals I would expect you to be all in favour of coalitions Justin!!

  3. Is that all you can talk about – what I may or may not have done when I was 14. Shows you’ve lost the arguments with these nasty personal attacks.

  4. As personal insults are the stock in trade of your blog and newspaper letters, that must mean you’re losing a lot of arguments Justin!!!!