Liberal Democrat challenge to Labour over Deputy Mayor

Haringey Lib Dems have expressed disappointment at Labour’s partisan approach to the issue of first citizen of the borough – which means that the west of Haringey will not have a local councillor as Mayor – or even Deputy Mayor in the foreseeable future. The Liberal Democrats say this is a serious problem if Labour wants to govern for the benefit of the whole of Haringey.

Labour rejected a Lib Dem offer to withdraw their candidate for Mayor, the experienced and highly popular Alexandra councillor Susan Oatway, in exchange for Labour accepting a Lib Dem as Deputy Mayor ahead of yesterday’s Mayor making at the Civic Centre.

Councillor Susan Oatway (Alexandra) comments:

“The Mayor and his or her deputy should represent the whole of the borough, I would have been happy to serve the Mayor as deputy, with the opportunity to be an ambassador for Haringey.”

Councillor Neil Williams, Haringey Lib Dem leader, adds:

“Labour are sending an unfortunate message to the people of Haringey, and it is undemocratic that they should overlook the Haringey voters’ wishes in the appointment of someone who is supposed to be an ambassador for the borough as a whole. We are happy to work with Labour on this.The Lib Dems were the most popular party in the 2006 council elections, topping the popular vote tally.It’s a shame Labour can’t accept the fact, for the good of Haringey.”