Meeting the local police

Met Simon O’Brien, Haringey’s Police Chief. As ever, the subject of the moment was the future of police properties. The very well positioned proposed new police front counter and neighbourhood teams’ base in Muswell Hill has fallen through because the work needed to be done was too expensive. This is a real mistake. The position on the roundabout was perfect for public access and for the teams to patrol from. You’ll be lucky to find that again.

We have a bit of a discussion about the possible proposals to close Wood Green front counter at night. I have no doubt that the debate that Simon wants to have around only three people a night using it typically will find trouble at mill. As I explained (and he knows himself) local people want to feel that there is a place of safety at night – even if they don’t use it. But at least Simon says he will take his proposals out into the community and argue his case when the time comes – which in turn means people who feel differently will get to argue back too!

In talking to him I also highlight the really good work of some of police officers such as Andrew Underwood (for his community initiative on Wood Green High Road), the Safer Neighbourhood Team in Bounds Green (who, thanks to their work with kids, have now spawned the Bounds Green United football team) and the police community support officers in Muswell Hill and Alexandra wards who are really getting to know and engage with the most challenging kids.

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  1. Hi people!Can you just confirm whether Haringey police envisage upon closing down Wood Green and keeping Muswell Hill station open? Whether we deny it or not, the Wood Green area is a crime hotspot throughout the evening period, a victim in distress will “not” get on a bus and travel to Muswell Hill or Hornsey…… to report a crime. It is simply preposterous. Secondly, I have never seen a PCSO on my street after a certain time, for instance, police patrols appear to stop after 10pm in my area.Thirdly, will the police explain to me why they do not send PCSOs to patrol the alleyways and desserted streets, and why they normally patrol main roads?ThanksMash

  2. My understanding is that Wood Green is closing temporarily for redevelopment as a new patrol centre police station.The patrol function is to be based in Heartlands in temporary accommodation until the new station is ready.Muswell Hill is to stay open until somewhere right in the main area can be found to accommodate a new front counter and three of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. In terms of Wood Green – the police have recognised the issues and fear of crime and launched a new initiative recently in partnership with others to put 18 PCSOs in to patrol the two key transport hub areas around Wood Green and Turnpike Lane stations – so you should be seeing some uniformed patrols in the future.Let me know what you do see!

  3. Hi Lynne, The issue is just how long this redevelopment of the site will take, until our local station is operational again? As Wood Green serves as my local police station, I would want a swift police response to 999 call in my community (Bounds Green). In regards to Muswell Hill police station, I’m not totally sure whether there is any available space to build a police station on Muswell Hill Broadway. A large part of the broadway is taken up with a wide range of shops, clubs and restaurants. I propose installing the police station currently occupied by Muswell Hill Centre in Highfield Road or whatever that road is called………….. The area is open, large building and easily accessible for local people….. not sure…. Correct. Lynne, absolutely correct. There are several, and yes, you hear me correctly, several PCSOs, currently patrolling Wood Green and Turnpike Lane. However, why is this not extended to Bounds Green ward, often after certain hours of the evening? You say: “Let me know what you do see!”As a vigilant resident, I invite you to come and see for yourself how intimidating it can be after certain hours of the evening in my area. I see no PCSOs in Bounds Green after 10pm in the evening. But, having said that, they have increasingly stepped up patrols in Bounds Green Road during the day on weekdays only. This is often during early morning and midday. This is a slight improvement. In the last few months, there have been reports of crime taking place; only three or four months ago, I recall when the police were appealing for witnesses after a knifepoint robbery during the night on our road…. what a frightening experience………a helpless victim terrorised by individuals during the night and PCSOs were probably drinking hot chocolate at Muswell Hill station……