MP supports court bid to overturn mast decision

Supporting a legal bid from residents to overturn the Planning Inspector’s decision giving the go ahead to a phone mast on Mount View Road, N4, Lynne Featherstone MP joined protesters yesterday at the site.

Ms. Featherstone joined forces with local residents and local celebrities, Neil Morrissey, Joe McGann & Cliff Parisi.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“Until we are 100% certain of the effects of masts on people’s heath, I fully support a precautionary approach.Masts should not be built within feet of people’s bedrooms as will be the case here.The mast will also spoil one of Haringey’s best views over the city.

“The fact that residents are being forced to launch an expensive court action shows yet again how unfair our planning system is for the people who will be most affected by new developments.It is a real case of David v. Goliath and developers cannot be allowed to get away with this.”