Launch of the Haringey Somali Forum

Went Lynne Featherstone MP with Mohamed Dirshe at the launch of the Haringey Somali Forumto the launch of Haringey Somali Forum. Greeted by Mohamed Dirshe. There are seventeen different Somali groups in Haringey supporting the community in various ways – but this is a coming together of those voices, often marginalised and often virtually invisible. It was clear that everyone had worked hard to make this happen.

To be part of a diaspora torn from your homeland is tough enough. But the Somali community have to struggle to get decent housing, to access social and health services. They have often been demonised in the media and in neighbourhoods and had issues with other communities – and if we are honest – there have been inter-clan clashes within the Somali community. And that is why today is so important as this forum brings all sides together in unity to raise the Somali voice.

This is not a grassroots delivery agency – but a campaigning, voice raising, issue raising forum so that the Somali Community can take its place at the democratic and campaigning table!

0 thoughts on “Launch of the Haringey Somali Forum

  1. The support of the local MP is beneficial to local Somali communities,strikingly enough, these groups are under-represented and political parties take their votes for granted. From a personal standpoint, I would certainly insist that our local council could do much more to ensure that Somali communities are able to gain access to a wide range of services, specifically in the Somali language. The current system, one can only suggest, is in complete and utter shambles. Steps such as the launch of the Haringey Somali Forum is a further step to integrating somali groups into our diverse community. Thanks Mash