Liz Santry and Haringey Council's website

You may have seen in the local papers how Haringey Labour councillor Liz Santry (Haringey Council Executive Member for Young People) has had a go about a supposed mistake on this blog.

In brief – I said Haringey had failed to properly publicise an important public meeting through its website, and even now – as I write this and after she wrote to all and sundry saying I was wrong – the relevant web page doesn’t mention the meeting at all.

In more detail – I wrote on 6th February:

So – the second meeting of the ‘New School Bidders’ for the competition to take control and author a new secondary school in Haringey. If you remember, we kicked up at the first meeting because there were only six were members of the public.

This time it was a packed meeting – maybe a hundred people. I had put out an email to my lists as I am never convinced that a notice in a local paper – which is the standard Council approach – really reaches everyone. It’s a good thing that other people did promote this meeting as Haringey Council did not even get round to updating their website pages about the new school to mention the second meeting. But this time we didn’t leave it to just the Council – and got a far, far better attendance.

Haringey Council’s website pages about the new school is here and is found if you take the obvious (albeit long!) course through the menus from the council website front page: Home >> Children and Families >> Schools and Education >> Consultations >> New Secondary School

It only mentioned (and still mentions) the 16th January (poorly attended) meeting and not the one on 6th February. In fact, even as I write this now that meeting is still not mentioned – even though the page is noted as having been updated on 13th February.

Yet Liz Santry claimed in her letter that my blog entry was “Completely untrue. The appropriate web pages were updated on 17 January and will remain active at least until the consultation period closes.” All rather undermined by the absence of a mention about the second public meeting to go with the mentions of the first meeting – you’d have thought someone would at least have hurriedly added the information after she sent off her letter of complaint!

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  1. You tell her, Lynne! She a useless local cllr (my ward) and is a “yes-woman” on the cncl. Very patronising and often ill-informed – that’s Liz for you.

  2. Justin Hinchcliffe, was a little out of order. All the local tories seem to do, is slag off both Lib Dem and Labour councillors.I work closely with Liz Santry, i for one can tell you she is NOT patronising. Your a sore loser, Justin. So keep your silly little remarks, for your silly little tory friends.

  3. To the last poster: why don’t you use your real name? Ashamed to be associated with NuLab, are we?

  4. Apologies to Lynne for using your blog, to have a fight with the tories.I am not at all ashamed to be associated with New Labour, because i am not associated with New Labour. I am an impartial fellow! With a passionate hatred for all things tory.I dont need to use my real name!When will you and your toffy nosed friends, set out some real policy? Oh thats right, you have no taste for policy; just power!

  5. Annon: you’re an illiterate bore, no doubt very content in LaLaBlair land. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you were Sheila Peacock (that Tottenham illiterate witch who hates all things Tory).Sorry, Lynne, these things need to be said.

  6. Firstly, please grow up Annon and Justin…… To be frank with you, Liz has been very good in dealing with concerns and queiries raised by children and young people, better than George Meehan ever did. Secondly, you are correct Anon “all the local tories seem to do, is slag off both Lib Dem and Labour councillors.” You forgot their own members too hahahaha. I’ve heard from someone that they bully their members or exclude them from getting involved…… The party is filled with Islamophobic and racist bigots that have an agenda!

  7. Bully their members? who? This would make good local news. Are there any names or faces. “The party is filled with Islamophobic and racist bigots that have an agenda!”True, but we have known that for years.

  8. Dear oh dear. For info from personal experience Liz Santry is a decent and well-meaning person, very badly let down by the incompetence (and worse!) of some people in Haringey Social Services.