Transport for London briefing

Briefing for the London MPs by Transport for London (TfL). Felt like my old stomping ground as five years on the GLA’s Transport Committee stands you in good stead for knowing just what they are talking about.

What glared at me was the lack of planning for capacity increases to cope with the increased transport demands coming from Mayor Ken’s housing program for London.

We get the houses (much needed) but not the infrastructure to go with it – in this case the extra public transport.

The other glaring issue is the set of glitches (polite term) for the PPP tube contracts. I’ve asked for the performance statistics – as it might very well appear that the failure rate is once more increasing. One wonders whether we are even getting the bangs for bucks that were contracted for – let alone what we might have been aspiring to.We’ll see when the stats come through.

Other than that it was really TfL’s projections and planning up to 2025. Yes – it’s all the right words – but in the end it’s the dosh that will make the real difference.