Iain Dale's made me cross

Very cross with Iain Dale for not defending my virtue (again). When Andrew Marr opined this morning that there were virtually no Lib Dem or Labour blogs compared with numerous Tory ones – Iain failed to leap to my defence! (And once before he forgot about me too – when talking about how no Lib Dem female MPs blog. Tsk tsk Iain!).

However, he can be forgiven – just about! – as he was, at the time, dealing with Yasmin Alibi Brown who was making a pig’s ear of objecting to blogs. She was trying to make the case that we bloggers are not gifts to the communications industry (possibly true in my case – but never in Iain’s). Green-eyed monster I think! Iain – she’s just jealous of you!

0 thoughts on “Iain Dale's made me cross

  1. Steve Webb has one as well. And John Hemming. And Adrian Sanders. And Tom Brake. And former Sheffield Hallam MP Richard Allan. As well as AMs, PPCs, party officers and activists too numerous to mention, many of whom Iain has personally interviewed on 18 Doughty Street…Are you really surprised, though?

  2. How can I ever make it up to you?! I think he actually said “lbog sont he left” or something like that, and you can consider it an accolade that I don’t consider you to be on the left!To be fair though, I did say on the radio the other day there were some very good LibDem Blogs – which there are.