Review of the year

Co-presented Iain Dale’s Review of the Year on internet TV – 18 Doughty Street. It was, in the end, mostly about international affairs – which given my promotion earlier in the day was quite appropriate. My new job will place me in the International Affairs Team with Foreign Affairs and Defence. The discussion ranged over Iraq, Israel and Lebanon etc – and I think I went too far in terms of being non-partisan, as in fact it was Iain who raised the Lib Dem noble position on the Iraq war. Though perhaps it’s an interesting and possibly new approach for politicians: if you don’t state the bleeding obvious – others feel obliged to do it for you? So – I found the panel (Peter Riddell, Keith Simpson and Danny Finkelstein) all acknowledging the Liberal Democrat moral (and right) position against the war in Iraq. We ranged over Gordon, Dave, Tony and Ming – and then amazingly an hour and a half had passed.