Father Christmas called on me early this week

This morning I got a phone call from Ming – promoting me to the shadow cabinet as International Development spokeswoman. A nice early Christmas present! It’ll be a bit of a wrench leaving home affairs, as being number two in the team there has been a great job, but I’m looking forward to the challenges of the new job – especially as in these inter-connected days, what happens overseas so often ends up having an impact back home.

(More on the other moves is on the party website and on Liberal Democrat Voice).

0 thoughts on “Father Christmas called on me early this week

  1. Oh c’mon, I know Ming’s an elderly white-haired man, but calling him Father Christmas is below the belt… 😉

  2. Heh, witty.Anyway, congrats Lynne. And you’re right it’s a critical role given how foreign affairs impacts domestics politics. Will be interesting to see how you grow into the brief.

  3. Many congratulations. Please do better than the government and take a really strong line on Darfur.Thanks!

  4. Well deserved Lynne. Its clear we did the right thing in electing you. Who knows if Labour need a coalition, you could end up in the cabinet.Well done girl!

  5. Congratulations Lynne! I think this is your Birthday present. You do an excellent job and you deserve it all. from: Deepak