Alexandra councillor Wayne Hoban has this week persuaded Haringey Council to put in place waiting restrictions and yellow lines on the junction of Alexandra Park Road and Albert Road. Cars parking too close to the junction were causing concern over the safety of children walking to Rhodes Avenue and Alexandra Park schools, and causing major problems for buses which use the route.

Residents contacted Councillor Hoban, who comments:

“I am very pleased that the Council have agreed to make these necessary changes a priority. Parked cars were causing problems for buses using the roads, but more importantly, were restricting visibility for other cars, making the junction more hazardous. A great many children use the area as a pedestrian thoroughfare, and I am very pleased that the Council have agreed that these works must be a priority.”


The Statutory Consultation for the proposed restrictions will commence on 9 November 2006. This is the legal part of the process before Haringey Council installs the parking restrictions and takes the form of a Public Notice, which is published in the local press setting out the Council’s intention to install parking restrictions.The Notice has a 21-day Statutory Consultation period which will be completed by 30th November 2006. If no objections are received by the Council during this period, the yellow lines should be implemented in December/January.