Door knocking

Latest in my door-knocking sessions on Sunday evening – Highgate this time. Every Sunday of the month, bar one, I am going out with the local ward councillors and Focus editors knocking on doors. With the turning back of the clocks, it is now pitch black – but I have chosen this time of the day and day of the week because most people are in. Usually when you door knock – the outs win the day.

Like any normal person, going out whatever the weather on a Sunday in the dark might not be first on my list of things to do – but as always with door knocking, my faith in human nature is restored.

We picked up seven new deliverers – very important as our leaflets and newspapers are very popular and a main source of communication, but they take an army of volunteers to deliver. (Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to deliver your street!)

But the best thing about it is that you come back reassured that the vast mass of humanity is decent, reasonable (whatever their political persuasion) and just trying to get on with their lives best they can. And that goes across all areas! From the media coverage of life in the UK, you would think that people will be unhappy with their lot, discontented, mean and cross with whoever comes across their path. That just isn’t the case – the vast majority of people are very nice and decent. And before anyone says that Highgate is a nice comfy area – the same holds true in all areas across my very diverse constituency, regardless of class, culture or income.