Parking plans – and blog comments

No – I ‘m not quite ‘out of office’ yet – but on my way. Before I go, just thought I would give you the latest update on the ‘Stop & Shop’ and CPZ proposals and consultations. My colleague, Cllr Martin Newton who is the LibDem spokesperson for Traffic and Transport on the Council has put together this latest info:

Stop and Shop: The consultations for Muswell Hill and Crouch End finished on 27th July. The Council is currently analysing all the feedback for these proposals in order to decide the need for, and format of, any further consultation with the local community.

It is unclear at the moment if Pay and Display for Muswell Hill and Crouch End could still be imposed on the local community – despite an overwhelming call for a new proper consultation to take place following a street-by-street study to assess any existing parking problems.

We will be looking at the feedback from these initial consultations in September to keep a close watch on what Haringey Council intends to do.

CPZs: The consultations are due to finish on 8th August. Due to pressure from the Lib Dems and local community, a second stage of consultation is now being considered by the Council and this is likely to happen in September. We do not have any details at the moment of what the Council proposes for this further consultation, but will let you know as soon as we get further details.

We will be keeping up the pressure on the Council, and it is important to know that the Council views CPZs and Pay and Display regimes as totally different proposals.

And very lastly – following up on the debate as to whether I should have comments on this blog: due to public demand as they say – I will be experimenting with this come September.