CPZ success

Sometimes you win! And although it’s not over – for the time being local residents and Lib Dem councillors (and I) have won a real victory in our efforts to extend the consultation process on CPZs (controlled parking zones / residents’ parking schemes) proposed with breathtaking arrogance and flagrant disregard for all who live here by the Labour administration in Haringey.

At the big meeting on this put together by Martin Brophy (now seasoned campaigner) a few weeks ago, the responsible Labour executive member would not attend and officers of the council refused to come. But this week the Labour man – Cllr Brian Haley (who has caused a lot of controversy) – did turn up to the meeting in Crouch End.

Labour haven’t covered themselves in glory on this issue – refusing to come to previous big public meeting; keeping the CPZ proposals a secret and off the agenda of the last Muswell Hill Area Assembly; keeping them a secret from the relevant local councillors and, unbelievably, refusing to let local people bringing deputations to Full Council to even speak.

Labour never learn – the more they try and steamroller things through without proper democratic processes the more trouble they get themselves into. Anyway – Councillor Haley explained at the packed public meeting in Crouch End (at the Holy Innocents Church) that the Council’s timetable for taking a final decision on the CPZ schemes has been pushed back from September to November – to allow a new stage of ‘communication’ to take place.

Hurrah for both people power and Lib Dem campaigning! Labour’s demonstrable contempt for the people in the west of this borough has been thwarted by this twin pressure. CPZs are highly contentious at the best of times, and the only way forward is to work with the people – not against them.