A rival for Paxman

Canvassing again with the ‘hit squad’. But today is nice and dry and I have a very pleasant time up and down Southwood Lawn Road. Much as before, several Labour supporters who won’t be voting Labour and several definite LibDems.

As I am chatting on one doorstep, my phone goes. I excuse myself and it is our national press office asking if I will step in for our Home Affairs Spokesperson Mark Oaten who can’t make the live TV interviews the next morning before the launch of our crime policies. It’s always one of those moments – you obviously want to do it, but it is quite nerve-racking. I say yes.

This means I have to cancel my plans to go to the NewRos celebrations at Ally Pally – as I have to study the brief and be up at 5am to get to SKY and ITV in time.

Home to study. My daughter pretends she is the interviewer. Watch out Paxman I say.