It's wet

My ‘hit squad’ steams in again for a canvassing session. Not sure why it waited all day to start raining at four o’clock on the dot. Never mind – we’re rough and we’re tough – and out we all go.

Lots of Labour members (yes – members) absolutely furious with Blair and wanting to demonstrate their contempt for him by voting for me. Our Labour MP also comes in for a lot of criticism for her staunch Blairite, non-rebellious stance on just about everything.

Thoroughly soaked by the end of canvassing, I knock on the last door of the day. It opens and it is one of those funny moments as the person was famous (a comedian in this case). When you meet someone famous it is always bizarre because of course – you know their face but they don’t know you.

I cover it well – establish that his name is different from the one on my canvass card taken from the electoral register – and offer to find out if he is on the new electoral roll when it comes out in a few days time. He was jolly nice, invited me in and like others has always been Labour but this time thinking of voting Lib Dem. I suggest he looks at various tactical voting web-sites (e.g. which are advising disaffected Labour supporters where it is safe to vote Lib Dem without letting a Tory in etc.

I then decide I am wet and cold and have arranged to met team in the Red Lion and Sun pub – which I do.