Commenting on Sunday morning’s series of fires in Highgate caused by a major electrical fault in the area, local resident and GLA member Lynne Featherstone, says:

“Clearly, this is a very serious incident. Hundreds of homes in Highgate have been affected and thankfully no major injuries seem to have resulted. EDF Energy will have to answer some very serious questions about how an incident on this scale can have occurred.

“This also serves as a reminder of how absolutely vital it is for people to check that they have smoke alarms installed and that they are working properly.”

Lib Dem leader and local councillor Neil Williams adds:

“Several residents have told me today that they had reported fluctuating electricity supply in the past week, and now we have had this serious event. I will be asking EDF about the nature of the fault, and when they last checked and replaced the equipment at the substation which apparently caused it.

“All of that said, I would like to thank the London Fire Brigade and all of the emergency services for how they worked together today to tackle the incident.”