Oyster cards

Walk into office to be greeted by howls of laughter from my press officer and office manager. Marina Hyde (Guardian Diary – which one tries to avoid coverage in) has been sent my Christmas Eve newspaper column.

It was just a bit of fun – a festive fairytale with a bit of political mischief (as the Ham & High billed it). It followed on from my last year’s Christmas Fairy tale.

Anyway – Ms Hyde appeared concerned about my mental well-being and asked for reassurance which I gave later in the day along with the Doctor’s suggested remedy of becoming a Member of Parliament to ensure no relapses.

Pop in to Budget Committee for the part on the transport budget. I decide at the end (when non-members of the committee can raise issues) to have a go over the Oyster card mess that has erupted over the holiday period, at the introduction of new fares. We need to get this sorted as Oyster is a great idea in which public confidence is being shaken by the number of cock-ups by Transport for London.

I note with some irony that the vast majority of cock-ups mean that TfL gets money it is not entitled to out of our pockets.