Lib Dem Councillor Wayne Hoban has welcomed the upgrading of Alexandra Library, N22 after almost two years of lobbying Haringey Council. However, he says more needs to be done to bring the library fully up to scratch. The completion of the new fire escape was the final part of an upgrade that also included installation of a computer room, improved furnishings and vending facilities.

The Lib Dems have been campaigning for many years for improvements to Haringey’s libraries. In February 2002 Cllr Hoban and former Fortis Green Councillor Barbara Fabian requested that Haringey Council guarantee funds for maintaining and repairing Alexandra and Highgate libraries after revelations that no money had been put aside in the budget for this.

Lib Dem Deputy Leader Cllr Hoban says that the improvements go some way to bringing the library up to an acceptable standard. However he says that much more investment needs to be made in order to reverse over a decade of neglect.

Cllr Hoban (Alexandra) comments: “I am pleased that we have finally seen some money spent on improving this invaluable local resource. I remain concerned however, that the toilets have yet to be upgraded to facilitate disabled access.

“However it is just a start and I will continue to press the Council to allocate more of its funds to improving this and other libraries in the borough.”