Hornsey Town Hall

Settle down to write LibDem Christmas cards. Rather nice this year with a picture of Queens Wood in the snow taken by one of the Highgate councillors. It’s difficult to get the balance right between personal touch and making sure everyone is included.

Then, meet up with three of my Lib Dem colleagues on Haringey Council (Neil Williams, Dave Winskill and Bob Hare) to talk to some of the key movers in the Hornsey Town Hall Trust.

They are cross with the recommendations of Haringey Council’s Advisory Panel. The key questions to me are how to we ensure that the community’s needs – not those of developers – are put first and how do we get all the local groups working together.

We are looking to see how we might be able to influence this process. I want to see if we can bridge the gap between the Hornsey Town Hall Trust / Crouch End for People and the other local groups.

One think I would want though from whoever runs the Trust is firm guarantees about the future of the building if everything goes wrong – it cannot be flogged off by anyone to get out of trouble.