In the battle to secure a primary school on the site of the TUC building in Crouch End, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson Lynne Featherstone has written to TUC boss Brendan Barber urging him to back up his words with deeds on the issue.

In her letter, Ms Featherstone points out that Mr Barber should stand by remarks he made recently about the European Social Forum conference in Haringey, which attracted over 20 000 delegates from all parts of the world. In the Londoner newspaper, Mr Barber wrote that one aspiration of the Forum and the trade union movement in particular, was to”… create a Europe for people not profit.”

Ms Featherstone urges that the TUC should put that aspiration into practice when considering the views of local people in Crouch End as it disposes of its lease on the Crouch End site.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“The future of the TUC site is a wonderful opportunity for the trade unions to demonstrate that it values and supports efforts to extend school provision.I hope that the TUC will understand the importance of this site as a school for local children and work with Haringey Council to ensure that its future as such is secured.”