Playing fields in Wood Green

Meeting in the morning with Michael Cordwell James at White Hart Lane Recreation Ground. Michael started and is leading a campaign to save this little patch of open space from the grasp of Sir Thomas Moore School.

Thomas Moore School which has a playground (enclosed) beyond which is Pond Park, also known as White Hart Lane Recreation Grounds. This open space is used by the local community (and the school sometimes). Now Thomas Moore school has applied to annex half of the space to create their own facility – an all-weather pitch.

Now, more resources for schools (especially playing fields!) are normally good news. But this plan would deprive other people in the area of access to much of the space. Not so good news. Does the school really have to expand in this way?

In particular, a few minutes walk away is the New River Sports Centre and also White Hart Lane school (which both already have all weather pitches).

It would be the obvious move to enhance and improve New River so that both schools and the community could benfit from a state of the art sports facility – and keeping their green space open to all.

I part and decide I need to see the Chief Exec of Haringey Council on this one.

Also, a little flurry of emails from miffed local Tories – miffed at my description of their local chair as ‘some bloke‘.

Apart from not actually knowing that the guy who stood up was the chair of the local Tories (recognise the name, but not the face) – the reason I used the term ‘some bloke’ was because that is what the guy who stood up was purporting to be at first. He did not say who he was. It was only when a member of the audience asked him after his long tirade to say who he was, that he declared his true colours (blue) and stated that he was the chair of the local Conservatives.