Lynne Featherstone MP surging to success in Hornsey and Wood Green

A new poll shows local MP Lynne Featherstone making a significant surge in the polls as the election date approaches.

This new poll puts the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green on 36%, just 1% behind Labour on 37%, with the Conservatives back on 15%, Greens 7% and UKIP 4%.

It shows a much closer fight than the last public constituency poll carried out by Lord Ashcroft in September – which gave Labour a 13 point lead.

Since then, support for Labour’s candidate – who only a third of respondents had heard of – has plummeted, while support for the popular local MP Lynne Featherstone has increased dramatically. The Conservatives remain too far behind to win.

The Liberal Democrat MP – who was recently endorsed by Paddy Ashdown for her work to counter extremism and promote unity – has clearly galvanised her supporters in the last 6 months, and now has the momentum firmly behind her as polling day approaches.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“My team and I know we have a tough fight ahead. But the mood on the doorsteps is positive and we are confident of pulling through.

“This close to an election, more and more people will start thinking about the candidates’ records of action, and who they want to represent them over the next 5 years. I live here, and I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to this area – residents can be confident that I’ll keep on campaigning with and for them.

“I work every day with my team to deliver real benefits – my constituents are aware of this, and it feels like they are responding to what we have been doing and what we are in the process of doing.”

Haringey Liberal Democrat Party Chair, Cara Jenkinson, comments:

“Just look at Lynne Featherstone’s local record. Extra money for schools and hospitals, annual apprenticeship events, and successful campaigns to protect the Whittington, the Pinkham Way site, Muswell Hill Library and more.

“In Government, Lynne was the architect of Equal Marriage Law and launched a £35 million programme to end FGM within a generation. She is a campaigner through and through.

“The Labour party candidate lives outside of Haringey. She hasn’t campaigned with residents to make positive changes. She simply cannot match Lynne’s local record of delivery.  As we get closer to polling day – it’s no wonder local people are increasingly backing Lynne.

“This poll shows it really is all to play for. Lynne and her team are experienced campaigners; we are more than ready to take the fight to Labour and successfully hold this seat.”

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  1. I hope you will correct this as it is not a new poll. I was asked as part of this poll on 20th October 2014. Perhaps you will publish the full data?

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