1200 local residents back MP’s campaign to save Muswell Hill Library

 Lynne Featherstone MP, Lib Dem councillors Gail Engert, Pippa Connor and Viv Ross, protesting outside the library in Muswell HillOver 1200 local residents have signed Lynne Featherstone MP’s petition to save Muswell Hill Library.

The petition calls on Haringey Council to scrap their plans to relocate the services provided at the current site on Queens Avenue.

The Labour-run council’s plans were exposed before Christmas, as part of their budget proposals. The proposal made no mention of where the services will be relocated to – sparking fears that Muswell Hill may lose the local library services.

A local Labour councillor, and council cabinet member, then suggested at a meeting that the Labour-run council were tempted to sell off the library building.

But the weight of public opinion has already had an impact, with the Haringey Labour leader now saying on twitter that there would be: “no sale unless and until new site secured in central MH and new library built.”

The Liberal Democrat MP will continue to campaign to keep the service in the historic building on Queens Avenue, and for money to be spent improving facilities there – rather than spending money on relocation.

Muswell Hill councillor, Gail Engert, comments:

“Local people love and are proud of their historic library which is an important symbol of their treasured Muswell Hill community.

“There is no justification for proposing to move the library to another possible site other than a cynical move on the part of Labour-run Haringey Council to sell it off and cash in on what they see as a cash-cow to fund their political ambitions elsewhere in the borough.”

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Muswell Hill library is a very popular local services. There are clubs for children, and a great range of resources for other users.

“Residents that I speak to on the doorsteps are greatly concerned about losing the service and the building. And they’re deeply sceptical about the relocation plans. Haringey Labour have promised replacement services before, which have never materialised.

“The Haringey Labour leader’s statement on twitter shows the campaign is working. But surely, it is better to improve the current library, by installing a lift for instance, than building a new one in another location. I will keep campaigning with residents on this.”