Lynne Featherstone MP puts Haringey health funding case to NHS England

Lynne Featherstone MP calls for fairer health funding for HaringeyLynne Featherstone MP met with NHS England last week, to put forward the case for extra funding for Haringey’s frontline health services.

The Liberal Democrat MP has campaigned for extra funding for years, after exposing the fact that Haringey gets less money per person than neighbouring boroughs such as Islington and Camden.

Last year, following the local MP’s campaign, the funding formula was changed, giving Haringey a £7.6 million funding boost – but it still left Haringey receiving less per person than neighbouring boroughs.

During the meeting, NHS England were supportive of the MP’s efforts for fairer funding for Haringey, and confirmed that they are working with North London health managers to try and reach agreement on a fairer distribution of money between the boroughs.

The NHS and it’s frontline services are all due to be given a boost on Wednesday – with the Coalition Government set to announce an extra £2 billion in funding.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Securing an extra £7.6million in funding for Haringey last year was fantastic – but we still lag behind the likes of Islington and Camden. And I won’t stop campaigning until we get truly fair funding.

“There are many pockets of deprivation in Haringey. We also have higher health inequalities and a large ‘hidden population’ who aren’t registered with GPs, but may well turn up at A&Es seeking treatment, which the borough must pay for. That means we need at least as much – if not more – funding than our neighbours. The funding formula should take that into account.

“It’s great that NHS England are supportive of our case, and are actively working to try and make the North London borough allocations fairer.”

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