Haringey Council ‘reviewing’ case for Muswell Hill business rate refunds

Lynne Featherstone MP has met with traders to discuss their concerns, so she can pass them on to Haringey Council’s Chief Executive.Lynne Featherstone MP and local traders have secured a review of the case for business rate refunds for Muswell Hill traders. This was confirmed during a meeting between the local MP and the Chief Executive of Haringey Council.

The traders, backed by the Lib Dem MP, made this request to the Council following a drastic loss in trade over the previous months – caused by poorly managed council roadworks affecting Muswell Hill Broadway and Colney Hatch Lane.

The roadworks began at very short notice, and caused numerous bus diversions, traffic and congestion. The works coincided with the roadworks in Wood Green, the closure of the Odeon car park, and the run up to the Christmas period.

During the meeting, the Chief Executive agreed to meet with Lynne Featherstone MP and the traders again, so they could present him evidence of their loss of trade.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“During the meeting, the Chief Executive outlined the reasons why the roadworks had taken place during this time, and the problems that had been encountered during the works.

“But regardless of the reasoning – our local traders have really suffered during this period, and I am so glad that the Chief Executive has agreed to review the case for business rate refunds.

“Our local independent shops and retailers are so important to our community. I look forward to meeting with them and the Chief Executive again in the near future, so the traders can further present their case.

“In the meantime, I am also backing the local Lib Dems in their call for free parking on High Streets in the run up to Christmas, to help boost trade for our local shops.”

1 thought on “Haringey Council ‘reviewing’ case for Muswell Hill business rate refunds

  1. Hello Lynne

    I have rung Haringey Council twice in the past week as I cannot get out of my road (Barnard Hill). I rang them to ask them to open the (stupid) gates on both Grosvenor and Muswell Avenue. Somebody has put a private lock (not a council one) on the gate at the intersection of Barnard Hill/Muswell Avenue and despite two promises of “we will ring you back”, of course no-one has. Therefore we now have a local resident who has made the road, their own private road!

    What I would like, aside from the Gates being open for the duration of the works as this issue now adds an additional 40 minutes to my journey time to work, is a further and more considered approach to these Gates.

    You were not our local MP when these were brought in in 2000, it was Barbara Roach who was our MP. We were consulted on the gates and there were a few public meetings which I attended. However the split was 50/50 so rather than thinking it through in more detail or going with another option which was suggested at the time, i.e. putting in traffic calming measures such as humps or a chicane, they went for the cheapest thing and this was the Gates. This was also forced through by a local labour councillor who lives on Grosvenor Road who had some what I would politely call ‘influence’.

    What we were not consulted about was the advent of the Bus Lane from Barnard Hill up to the Broadway which coupled with the Gates has now meant that we cannot park in our road after 6.00pm as all the cars that used to park on Colney Hatch, now all use our Residential Roads which means the area is now extremely congested. I cannot see how having the Bus Lane has helped anyone except Haringey Council who have a Camera there and regularly catch a number of people using it in the mornings. We really did not have a Bus problem – this was created when they put in the traffic lights on Colney Hatch Lane which have been an accident waiting to happen ever since. How they could have imagined that the phasing of those lights were supposed to work when turning right from Alexandra Park lane into Colney hatch God only knows. All I know is that local cars do not stop there even when the light is red. The phasing is incorrect. This too has been brought to the attention of the council. Hopefully the new lights/works may address that?

    Anyway, my biggest bug bear really is the Gates and i wonder if you could open up a Consulation about this. One that is fair for everyone who lives in the area and not for the few who have made the local roads private.

    Hoping that you will respond.

    Kaye Efstathiou

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