Minister of State for Crime Prevention

Today, I was appointed as Minister of State for Crime Prevention at the Home Office. You can read more about the changes here.

I am of course sad to leave the Department of International Development – but I also look forward to returning to the Home Office, with a portfolio that covers tackling violence against women and girls and preventing FGM here in the UK.

In my previous role as a junior minister at the Home Office, I led efforts to introduce equal marriage, end the fingerprinting of children and ban wheel clamping on private land.

I have already emailed my constituents to let them know about the change. I’ll continue to update them on the work I’m doing in Government in this new role.

Finally – thank you so much for all the positive comments I’ve received on twitter, facebook and email – very heart-warming!

3 thoughts on “Minister of State for Crime Prevention

  1. Norman Baker has been supporting my initiative to prevent number plates thefts I attended bilking meeting 20 August at the Home Office, I hope that you will continue to support my efforts to see this become statutory,thanks in anticipation

  2. You say that you have banned the worst cases of cheap alcohol sales.
    £2 for 2 litres of strong cider is available at every supermarket!!!

    David Cameron said he would tackle the problem of A&E alcohol problems before the last election.

    Can I suggest a minimum price for alcohol, especially if stonger than 4%.

    A serious problem is caused by the patient’s friends who are drunk causing trouble in the waiting rooms. Can I suggest that they be sent home and told to come back when the patient has been seen to and can go home.

  3. @Derek Blacklock

    How did you arrive at 4% as the level that minimum pricing needs to start?

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