Lynne Featherstone MP supports Wood Green animal shelter

KittenLynne Featherstone MP visited Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Lordship Lane on Friday. As well as housing a rehoming centre for cats, the charity now runs as a preventative clinic, taking action to care for animals before they become unwell.

The ambitious new programme will include a range of proactive services including parasite clinics, weight management programmes, vaccinations and Pet MOT’s, as well as ‘Snip and Chips’ for Cats and Dogs.

The local MP was shown around the facility and introduced to several of the cats that are seeking to be rehomed – including a number of kittens.  Lynne was given the opportunity to hold the new-borns during the tour and was told about the centre’s need for fosterers to care for pregnant cats and orphaned or abandoned kittens.

Wood Green Chief Executive Clive Byles said:

“I am glad Lynne was able to find the time to come and see us and get an appreciation of what we do.  It was 90 years ago this year that we first opened our doors in Wood Green to help pets and their owners.

“We are proud of the difference we have made to the lives of thousands of pets and their owners and are excited about working even more closely with residents of North London to improve awareness of pets and their needs, for the benefit of the pet, their owners and the community generally.”

Lynne Featherstone commented:

“The centre has a dedicated and caring team of staff, and I was very interested to hear about the new proactive preventative care plan.  We love our animals and want them to be healthy, so making sure that they do not become ill in the first place and teaching pet owners how best to care for them is a very progressive change.

“It is great to see the work being done with cats that have been abandoned.  Finding them loving homes is paramount, as is ensuring that those who need extra care have someone to foster them.  I do hope local people who have the time and resources will be able to offer a home, either permanently or as a fosterer, to these adorable animals.”