Sexual abuse of children in our country

Two women came to my surgery to ask if I would support the call for an Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse – and of course an inquiry is now on the way.

But what I said to them was whilst I was happy to have an inquiry – more than that – I wanted the police to follow-up on allegations and where they could get enough evidence – prosecution, conviction and prison should follow. What sort of country are we where our children can be defiled – and worse?

They also asked me if I would put this on the record – so hence this blog.

With the terrible world events at the moment – the Middle East and of course the downing of the plane over separatist held territory in Ukraine – the issue off child sexual abuse has been pushed off of the news agenda – for the moment.

However, it will undoubtedly come back as well it should. Along with most people – the level of pedophilia in this country then and probably now is astounding and disgusting. And whilst Norman Tebbit said that at the time this was simply what happened – such things were not talked about and power protected those involved – for me that is no excuse whatsoever. If anything those in power have even more of a duty to behave properly – whether then or now.

Saville and Harris got away with it for years – and I am glad that finally justice was served – and only sorry that Saville escaped the punishment and humiliation that he deserved.

As for the rumours and whispers about the Dicken’s dossier – I trust the police are investigating without fear or favour. I am told that you can find the details of the dossier on the net. If that is so – I don’t know whether the content is true or not – but the police must track  down and investigate those involved.

The arrest of over 600 suspects by the police who have downloaded illegal child images gives us a glance at the scale of what is going on.

It is truly shocking.