London bounces back!

The most recent statistics are out, and they show yet another dramatic fall in unemployment. From February – April this year, 46,000 extra people were employed in the capital alone.

103,000 people have found work here in total since April last year.

London really is bouncing back!

Nationally, the numbers are just as good. Across the UK the increase in employment averages out at 1.6% (2.8% in England). That means, since the same time last year, 445,000 men and 315,000 women have found a job in the UK, the great majority of them full time.

The numbers are clear: there are now more people with a job than there ever have been.

In terms of percentages, as a nation we are now only 0.2% away from the record for lowest ever level of unemployment – set back in 1974.

When Gordon Brown and Labour left office in May 2010, unemployment was at its highest since 1994 (which is the last time the Tories were in Government on their own). Labour also managed to preside over the lowest levels of economic activity since records began in the same year.

With wages also going up too, the recovery is significantly more stable that it would be had we let either of the other parties go it alone. There still a lot of hard work to do, but we are getting there.

The last two crashes were caused by Conservative and Labour-only Governments and I am proud, as a Lib Dem, to be helping to get the country back on its feet.