Haringey Council does it again

Another day, another mess up by Labour-run Haringey Council. In the past we’ve seen yellow lines painted days before the entire road was dug up and potholes filled days before resurfacing work. And they still haven’t learnt. This new roundabout below might look fine at first glance  (apart from the cones) but take a closer look at the arrows and which way they point.

Wrong way roundabout - Stapleton Hall Road, Stroud Green

It is, unfortunately, what we have come to expect from the Council. But there is a serious point here about both road safety, first and foremost, and about taxpayers money, too. All of these mistakes add up – and it’s the taxpayer that ultimately pays.

And if they can’t be trusted to get something as simple as this right – it makes you wonder about what else they’re messing up! Haringey needs fixing – and Labour clearly aren’t capable of doing it!

2 thoughts on “Haringey Council does it again

  1. The sheer abhorrent reluctance to do anything concrete about the antisocial behaviour in the area is appalling especially when it has been very clearly noted via correspondence to the council and the perpetrators are still living in that particular part of the area and uneccessary upset and trouble.

    Why not have these perpetrators evicted immediately upon complaint?


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