Haringey Council’s latest housing scandal

Last week it was revealed that Labour-run Haringey Council spent over £3 million of taxpayers’ money repairing the High Road West area of Tottenham in 2011 – only to decide to demolish the properties two years later.

That’s right – In 2013, the Labour council decided they would demolish every one of these properties so Tottenham Hotspur can build ‘Wembley Way.’

This is, sadly, what people have come to expect of the Labour-run council. Noel Park Estate has been in desperate need of repairs for many years now, and yet the council has refused to invest in the area. Instead, the council spends our Council Tax on vanity projects like the Haringey People magazine, and on repairs for houses they want to demolish.

People in my Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, which covers Noel Park, deserve decent homes. So do people in Tottenham, and this appalling waste of money by the council is a slap in the face for everyone who has waited years for the council to repair their home.

I receive many hundreds of contacts from constituents who are in dire need of improvements to their council homes. The scale of the problem is huge – and it is not just an isolated problem in the east of Haringey; it covers the whole Borough from Highgate to Northumberland Park.

It’s another case of high council tax and poor services in Haringey. I will keep up the pressure on the council to provide the services that residents pay for and deserve. But after forty years in power, it is clear the Labour leadership has no effective strategy in providing quality housing to residents.

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  1. Well now that the elections are due next year, it seems it is time to blame Labour for most problems and mistakes made.Not that I care…. as far as I am concerned all the parties are the same ! MAKE A LOT OF PROMISES …. but never for fill them.. The house of commons is a joke.. All parties fight against each other… and spend most of the time attacking each other in a childish manner !
    Basically the public need to know how ,the British Government is looking after the public’s best interest ….. Education… Health…. AND …MOST OF ALL … Employment…. Inflation goes up and the wages have not increased at the same rate…. Where are the jobs !!! Instead lets punish the most needy and powerless … who cannot defend them self… Too many lies … come do you really think every body is oblivious as to what is really going on !!!!!

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